I want to share a beautiful note about this amazing woman right here. Her name is Aurora and she’s known of me since I was 10 years old (22years ago). Her role in our family has always been “Tia Nancy’s best friend”, she attends lots of  family events and is always very nice and polite. She recently contacted me with a special request. She wanted to make memories of her 50th birthday, I also loved the idea of having her two bff’s of 23 years in her session for just a few shots (They were happy face by the time we took these photos). I was esthatic to be a part of something so meaningful to her & suggested celebrating with the girlfriends doing what they love, wine tasting. I learned that Aurora had been through a very rough time in her life and it wasn’t until this phone conversation that I found out more about this beautiful soul, about her struggles but mostly about her strength. I instantly grew deep admiration, not often do you come across a person who truly inspires you. Not for anything materialistic or fame, solely for her heart. I remember telling my sisters (who were with us at the shoot) oh my goodness, can I look like that when I turn 50 please ? Her beauty is deeper than her visual. To the hottest mom and grandma I know & to a woman who has found love in self love, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISS AURORA!

Thank you so much to the amazing winery in Temecula California Briar Rose Winery who allowed us to party up in the back of the building and even brought us snacks. Top notch customer service. We are already planning our next trip just to go see you guys. haha



Let’s not forget to make some memories with the gals that make life sweeter. The besties!! 

I said, Sex and the City, now Charlies Angels ….


Oh yes, here’s the rest of the crew (family/friends) having a great old time 🙂