Sharing the Aguilar family on today’s blog with a ton of poses to enjoy all the fun we had in this little over an hour session at Floyd Lamb Park Las Vegas. This awesome family was visiting family in Las Vegas during the holiday break. My 1st session of 2018. They flew back to Texas the next day, I was super happy they made time in their schedule to capture some family memories and do a family session during their vacation. I have known Natalie (mom) for some years now but had not had the pleasure to meet her children. After the session I found my self feeling full and blessed for families like this. These were probably the easiest children I have photographed and not to lie but teenagers sometimes get me a bit nervous because they tend to dislike being caught spontaneously and when I aim my camera they try to look too cool or get embarrased. Nothing wrong, it’s just an age thing, trust me, I have a 15 year old, I KNOW. lol

Well not these kids, it was like I wasn’t there. Running around the park chasing ducks, more like the ducks chasing them. As you can see in some of these images the animals at Floyd Lamb Park are super friendly. Mom told me the kids have their own chickens in Texas so I was glad they were able to run around, be themselves and have some fun during their session. Grandma and god daughter joined us for some shots too, aren’t they fun? can’t wait to see you guys again!