Mr & Mrs. Delgado… This has to be my funnest couple ever. So here’s the story on this session. They dressed up all over again & we got to play wedding day one more time. Cars honking & people yelling out “Congratulations” as we walked down to our location at Mountain Charleston lol Yup! I actually got to shoot their wedding back in April of this year. To our luck, it was pouring raining that day, our planned out styled party session at Dry lake bed didn’t go as planned since the mud wasn’t in our favor that day.

To my surprise, this bride was the opposite of what I would have thought would make any bride a brizilla. lol I know… such a positive attitude, just happy to be getting marrying to the love of her life. I remember calling her the night before like “OMG! IT’S RAINING TOMORROW” lol she said, yeah, I know. it’s ok. I am not even worried about it. So the day of, with the rain and all we still went ahead to an outdoor location and took some shots of the bridal party who were total champs and soaked up as it poured over us. Curls gone, make up running, it still seemed like a party. haha

The fact is we still didn’t get as many single shots as we’d like due to the weather so a couple months go by & I am asked to recapture this couple again. I was thrilled because not only were we going to be able to do an awesome session but I couldn’t wait to spend some time with these two… I am telling you “it’s always a good time”… we laughed it all up for hours, especially when I asked a camping family if they wouldn’t mind getting off their hammock so my bride and groom could take a picture on it. lol As I always tell Deisy, “girl, you are in for a great life ahead of you with your comedian man” & Deisy is just so sweet he’s a lucky man I tell ya.

Click on this link to see photos from their beautiful wedding: