Today I get to share my little cousin’s Senior Session. I’ve thought about what to write about over & over again considering this is my family and I am famous for getting mushy with the people closest to me. lol ugh.. To be honest, thinking about her & realizing how much she’s grown puts a lump in my throat. Maybe I will break down at her graduation. lol

Well she’s not just my little cousin. Natasha (we call her TiTi/Tasha) is the closest thing to the daughter I never had. I know I am not old enough for her to be mine but she’s only 4 years older than my oldest son. I first felt this connection with her 10 years ago when her mother (my aunt) sent her & her sister for the summer with me to Washington D.C where I was living at the time for her to get cancer treatment & the girls wouldn’t have to worry about their mama. It was the greatest summer, we even went to New York for the weekend. I am sure that’s a summer they’ll never forget, I know I won’t. When I returned to Las Vegas this little lady was a lot like my little shadow since she’s always been a little mama of all children, yep- she LOVES kids lol, always with me.

Growing up she’s always demonstrated a very defined personality. Confident, over achiever, smart girl with a heart of gold. I know the family always jokes around about how demanding she is but I always say that’s not a bad quality, especially when she’s planning on going into the medical field as a pediatrician. She’s a woman of her word & I admire the women she’s becoming.

My big baby girl you are going to make a difference .. you always have. Love you tons!! xoxoxo

Your favorite cousin (don’t get mad sisters) lol 🙂