I am extremely excited to share these images of my first runway fashion show EVER. I was lucky enough to be invited to this amazing event hosted by a fabulous designer “David Tupaz”. Speechless to witness so much talent & happy to see others living their dreams. Now you know who to contact to doll you up for your next special event! ūüôā ¬†DSC_2782 copy-2 DSC_2766 copy-2DSC_2786 copy-2DSC_2767 copy-2DSC_2639 copy-2DSC_2784 copy-2 DSC_2694-2DSC_2368-2DSC_2785 copy-2¬†¬† DSC_2777-2 ¬†¬†DSC_2745 copy-2DSC_2755-2 DSC_2746 copy-2 DSC_2748 copy-2 ¬†DSC_2644 copy-2DSC_2734 copy-2 DSC_2719 copy-2 DSC_2708 copy-2DSC_2739 copy-2 DSC_2646 copy-2DSC_2724 copy-2DSC_2691-2¬†DSC_2741 copy-2 DSC_2695 copy-2DSC_2731-2 DSC_2716 copy-2DSC_2742 copy-2 DSC_2733 copy-2 ¬†¬†DSC_2648 copy-2 ¬†¬†DSC_2692 copy-2¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†DSC_2630 copy-2DSC_2625 copy-2 DSC_2644 copy-2 DSC_2622 copy-2DSC_2601 copy-2¬†¬†DSC_2605 copy-2¬†¬†DSC_2630 copy-2DSC_2611 copy-2¬†DSC_2639 copy-2¬†¬†DSC_2594 copy-2DSC_2609 copy-2 ¬†DSC_2600 copy-2DSC_2588 copy-2DSC_2579 copy-2 ¬†¬†DSC_2464-2 DSC_2439-2 DSC_2550 copy-2DSC_2476-2 DSC_2395 copy-2DSC_2443-2 ¬†DSC_2459-2 DSC_2552 copy-2 DSC_2460-2¬†¬†DSC_2393-2 ¬†DSC_2433-2