Yes, Grandmas Photoshoot! This was a special request from my mother in law to capture all of her babies so she could update her wall of fame she already has of all of these trouble makers lol … We went shopping for matching outfits and drove out to a deserted area in Las Vegas (very easy to find) and just snapped a couple of shots of them being silly & playing around. I just ordered her canvases & to be honest i am not ready to see my mother in law bust in tears…. because this is her world!! these 4… so i must get ready for her to ball out when she gets these in huge canvases, i’ll have to record it for you guys. lol ** hope you enjoy my babies, niece & nephew. They’re ready for their gap audition! lol 🙂  BTW: the image on top is totally fake of course, but it’s the second time i try to use an overlay on an image & the kids seem to think this one is sooooo cool (two hrs of labor later) lol.

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