Middle of last week I decided to book this cozy Airbnb two days before our trip, super last minute. So lucky we even found something this nice. What drew me to this property the most was the backyard. The open space to walk into nature and the private fire pit. I wasn’t expecting for it to be as clean and new, I guess we just got really lucky.  October to December is a photographers busiest season. I have a pretty solid schedule this fall/winter. I knew this was going to be my last opportunity to have some quiet time with the family before the  photography mania. haha I can not wait to meet all of my new clients I have scheduled for the remaining of the year and so many of my existing clients coming back for their holiday family portraits. Let’s not forget it’s also wedding season in Las Vegas. Because it’s just too darn hot for us locals in the summer. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this mini getaway. The only downfall is that we didn’t get to stay long enough. Praying we are able to come back to this cabin soon because there is nothing more relaxing than connecting with nature. Plus, Brian Head pretty much owes us a night making S’mores with the kids because we came out with out S’mores kit and we couldn’t do it due to high winds. I must come back! lol

Oh, and do you want the info to the cabin?.. here ya go.. Cabin Info

PS: Happy birthday sister! Sorry my cake came out looking like straight up crumbs. That’s why I made you another one when we got back into town. I Love You Forever! 🙂