I honestly don’t know how to start this one but here it goes…..

These beautiful children are Ms. Brenda’s grandchildren. Including the last child in the black/white image who is now their angel. Ms. Brenda is my best friend’s mother in law. aka my therapist. haha This session was supposed to be a surprise for grandma because her daughters felt she needed a big huge canvas of all of her grandkids to display in her living room and they took advantage that they were all in the same city for once.

My best friend lost her first son 4 years ago due to shaken baby syndrome while he was babysat by a very close friend. I still remember the call like it was yesterday when she told me her son was being transported from Clarksville TN to Nashville TN. At the time she had no idea why her son was entering into a comma. I immediately booked the next flight which did’t leave Vegas until the next morning. To arrive and find out there was very minimal hope of life for baby TJ who was only two months old. I couldn’t believe the strength in my friend and her husband as they asked for their son to be baptist in this bed knowing they were losing him. I took photos during this event which I have never shared, I am not even able to open this folder to edit it. When you witness someone so close to you feel this kind of pain it forever changes the way you cherish life and children. We were at the Monroe Carell Jr Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt for days hoping for a miracle that never came. When it was time to let go this mom requested for his organs to be donated. TJ saved 4 lives. His heart, liver, lungs and eyes now live in others.

Nothing will take away the pain this family feels every day as they are reminded of TJ but knowing that he will live on sure helps them see his purpose in this world. There is so many details of this story to share but I want you to feel the happiness this image brings to the ones who have lost someone so special. I want this to be a happy moment of remembrance. Thankful for his life and the ones of all of the other children in the family who will know TJ’s story as they grow up. These little souls sure were a handful and we had tons of fun trying to get a couple of great memories for grandma.

To you my friend,

I admire your strength every day but most of all I admire your faith.

Your son will live on in so many hearts, especially yours. xoxo