The Garcia family is back. This time with baby #2. The family is growing and so is their love. I really love seeing couples grow, not just in family size but in love. Marriage is not easy and everyone I know with a successful marriage is so far from being perfect. I think once you realize your satisfaction is not anyone else’s idea of perfection you learn to accept and value the ones around you. This is when happy starts happening, not from what you have, what you own, what you drive, or how you dress but from simply loving the ones that truly make a difference in your life and lastly being loved back. Cheers to this family!

This baby girl is mighty special. I have been photographing her since she was in her mamas belly. On this pink chair since she was a newborn. Every year I get to see her for her birthday. this year I got to see her little diva side come out. She’s so sassy, I love it. Mom picked Disney theme this year because Jazlyn was taken on a Disney trip to California to celebrate her 3rd Birthday with her family. I feel blessed I get to see her blossom into a mini Alejandra (Mom).