Hey ya’ll,


Today is super special. I am sharing the new debut of KoKo Love. An organic skin care line made by a very creative gal in Tennessee, Kolicia Baskin (founder of KoKoLove) who traveled to Las Vegas to give her brand a new facelift with intentions of updating her website with more professional and attractive images of her wonderful product. Kolicia suffers from dry skin & eczema and had no luck finding a product that helped her skin so she decided.. why not make my own? after wearing her own product and smelling good people began to ask .. “what do you use on your skin? I want some of that good good” orders started coming in, KoKo Love is now available in local boutique stores in Nashville TN as well as online orders at www.kokolove.net, KoKo Love currently carries butter creams, fragrance oils, soaps, body moisturizer & candles in a variety of scents.

I am personally hooked on the butter cream. I purchased two from Kolicia after the shoot because I needed to know what the fuzz was about. My son said “May I please get a lifetime supply” haha no joke. So I am over here waiting for my next order. I recommend you guys try this bomb deliciousness out, especially if you want smoother skin.

To Kolicia: I am so so so proud of you! I have no doubt your invention will take you far. Aside from already feeling fabulous, you have created a product many of us will enjoy and will help us feel as fabulous in our skin as you do. Thanks for sharing the goodness. xoxo

Ps: I am waiting for the new body fragrance to come out because after smelling it on you I am like ….I NEED!!




meet Kolicia Baskin, CEO of Koko Love