Aww Deisy & Edmundo (aka Chia), immediately my thoughts when I think of these two. Not often do I come across pure love. From the moment they hired me to photograph their engagement session I knew these two would spread their joy for love for years to come. I photographed their lovely wedding at the Taxas Station two years ago, I remember Deisy being such a trooper, it poured rain the entire day. The night before when we talked about the wedding and how it would slightly interfere with the wedding portraits she told me ” I don’t even care how bad it rains, I just want to marry this man” I of course stopped panicking because I was thinking “possible bridezilla tomorrow” so this was a great phone call. She was the total opposite, we went and took wedding photos with the bridal party in the pouring rain, back in the venue to blow dry all of the bridesmaids hair. Definitely a memorable wedding, mostly because everyone there was and I mean EVERYONE was so happy for these two. It’s amazing to see their love grow through the years and now with their second addition to the family (first was puppy) I know their baby boy is going to be born into a family full of love. Because trust me, not a lot of men look at their wife the way Chia looks at Deisy.

Wishing you always the best of pancakes you two! xoxo

Thanks so much to b3makeup in Las Vegas for beautifying my client.